How to Set up Google Analytics with Blogger Website?

Learn how to customize Google Analytics settings for your Blogger website. Optimize data collection and analysis to suit your specific needs.

Google Analytics is a top-notch monitoring tool that provides ample information about your websites and e-commerce stores. Notably, Google has made some changes to the tool over the past year. Presently, with Google Analytics, you can create two types of property for your website: GA4 (Google Analytics 4) property and UA (Universal Analytics) property.

How to Set up Google Analytics with Blogger Website?

The Universal Analytics (UA) property is part of an earlier version of Google Analytics and only supports web measurement and this would not support app measurement. 
Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property, it can automatically measure interactions on your site in addition to standard screen view measurement. basically, this property gives you more real-time data about your websites or any application so for that purpose you can use its measurement ID (i.e. G-ABCXXXXX) as a tracking ID and it helps you to collect web stream data about your site.
If you want to connect Google Analytics to your Blogger/ WordPress site so that you can monitor your website for that purpose you need a Universal Analytics (UA) property ID. Once you attach this id to your website you can easily find how many new visitors visit your blog/ website daily? What is the source of the visitor to your website and so on...

There are 4 types of ways through which you can get traffic on your website.

Organic traffic - 

In this type of traffic, if the user searches any query using any keywords on any search engine like Google, being, Dukdukgo, etc. and your website is suggested by the search engine to the user and when the user clicks on your website link to get his answer then this type of traffic is called organic traffic.

Social traffic

This type of traffic, if the user comes to your website from any social media post like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc. then this type of traffic is called social traffic.

Direct traffic

In this type of traffic, if the user directly comes to your site after typing your website address (like in any browser then this type of traffic is called direct traffic.

Referral traffic

In this type of traffic, if you have linked your site to the other website and from where people are visiting your site then this type of traffic is called referral traffic.

All these types of traffic you can easily monitor with the help of the Google Analytics tool and you can optimize your site as well.

How to Set up Google Analytics with a Blogger Website?

In new Google Analytics, if you are going to create your property ID then by default you will see the GA4 (Google Analytics) property option but if you want to create a UA (Universal Analytics) property then follow the below steps and after that, you can easily create a Universal Analytics property id for your website.

Step 1

First of all, Go to the Google Analytics official site and sign in with your Gmail ID.

Step 2

Now firstly you have to create an account on Google Analytics and then create a property here. To create a property you have to enter your 'Property name' You can enter your website name here and then select your country (like India) and the timezone will be selected automatically. and then select 'Currency'.
How to Set up Google Analytics with Blogger Website?

Step 3

Before Clicking on the 'Next' button, you have to click on the 'Show advanced options' and then enable this for the "Create a Universal Analytics property" option and then enter your website's domain name after that you will see two options one is 'Create both a Google Analytics 4 and a Universal Analytics property and the other is 'Create a universal Analytics property only.
How to Set up Google Analytics with Blogger Website?
But if you are creating a property to monitor a blogger website then I recommend you to select the "Create a Universal Analytics Property only" option because the blogger does not support GA4 (Google Analytics 4) property and it only supports a UA (Universal Analytics) property. and then click on the next option.

Step 4

Here you have to fill in the business information, In the "Industry category" option you have to select your website category whether it is a news website or any other website category (like Arts & Entertainment, Beauty & Fitness, Computer & Electronics, Games, health, etc.) you can select one of them and select "Business Size" and then tick any suitable option (see image) and then click on the 'Create' button.

Step 5

Now you will get the Tracking ID which is also known as Google Analytics Property ID and this is the ID that you have to enter in your blogger site. just simply copy the tracking ID from here and paste it into Blogger.
How to Set up Google Analytics with Blogger Website?

Step 6

Open the Blogger dashboard, Go to the "Settings" option, and then you will see the "Google Analytics Property ID" option. Now paste that tracking code here that's it.

Now you have to wait for 48 hours (because within 48 hours Google Analytics will start collecting data about your website) and then you can monitor your website in Google Analytics. For the video tutorial, you can watch the below video.

Note: If you want to edit any information in Google Analytics then simply go to the 'Admin' option (on the bottom left corner of Google Analytics) where you can get your tracking ID or edit any created property easily.