Fletro Pro v6.3 Blogger Template Premium Free Download

Fletro Pro v6.3 is fast loading and clean blogger template. The design of this template is different and unique from other blogger templates [Paid].
Hello Everyone! Welcome back to Tech4era. If you are looking for a good-looking and responsive theme for your blogger site, then you are in the best place! Fletro pro v6.3 Blogger template will be the best option yo you. After getting Grand Success on the Fletro pro v6.2 Blogger theme the sales were very good and lots of people purchased this Fletro pro v6.0 template. Fletro Pro v6.3 Premium Blogger Template Free Download
Fletro pro v6.3 Blogger theme is one of the Best Advanced and Responsive Premium Blogger themes and is very well known for its Menu slider below the header. This Blogger template is created by Jagodesain. I have explained all the features of Fletro pro v6.1Theme in detail below so, please read the post until the end you can also download this premium theme for free.

About Fletro Pro v6.3 Premium Blogger Template 

Flectro pro v6.3 is a Premium Blogger template designed by Maki M, Jagodesain. It is very well known for its horizontal menu slider just under the header which is possible only in WordPress or Apps but now you can use this Horizontal slider on the Blogger site also only with the help of Fletro pro v6.3.  This Theme comes with one of the best UI designs, SEO friendly, Adsense friendly, very responsive, Horizontal menu slider and fast loading template.      

Nowadays all the trending Blogger templates support the Dark Mode and it is necessary to make it more user friendly Also the Designer of the Fletro Pro template has added an inbuilt dark mode toggle button through which users can switch between dark mode and light mode.

If you running a tutorial website that teaches Coding, HTML, CSS or JavaScript You can use Syntax Highlighter to highlight a particular code and Code box feature to present your code so this Fletro pro-Blogger Template is best suitable for tutorials website also.

Pros of Fletro Pro v6.3

  • You don't need any coding knowledge to customize this theme,  It is very easy to customize everything from the layout section
  • Mobile-friendly, Responsive and Fast loading
  • Horizontal menu slider
  • Grid view and list view 
  • Supports Dark mode
  • AdSense friendly and User friendly 
  • Ads slots

    Features of Fletro Pro v6.3


    With the right optimization this template can be loaded in less than 1 second, we have also checked the loading speed index, SEO, and accessibility of this template.

    # Layout 

    They have moved some important features to the Blogger Layout menu including the landing page so users don't have to bother to edit the HTML code of this template or have any coding knowledge to make a little change. Although not all (some features can not be moved to layout) at least it makes it easier for users to use this template. Including the addition of custom CSS that can now be directed through the Layout menu.

    #Horizontal Menu Slider

    You may notice many Apps and websites built in WordPress may have this Horizontal menu slider below the header nut in Blogger it is a bit difficult but the designer of this retro pro theme has made it possible in Blogger also. so you can use a horizontal menu slider in Blogger with the help of this retro pro theme.

    # Custom Page

    This template has several custom pages, not only the homepage or standard pages from Blogger but also some pages with a full page view.

    # Portfolio Page

    For those of you who have works or products sold, we also provide a different portfolio page with layouts on the standard page. Its use is easy, just add a specific label to your post. If you have coding skills you may be able to edit the appearance of this page as you see fit.

    # Full read Page

    This feature is adapted from the blog medium.com where sidebar columns are removed and instead, the empty space is more used as a place of rest so that the eyes of blog readers do not get tired quickly. From the side of the blog, the owner may be an unfortunate sidebar that could be a slot to place ads eliminated. But in terms of user experience, this concept is very friendly to users or blog visitors, no wonder large blogs such as Medium.com and Vice.com use this concept.

    # Tabs Post

    This feature can be used to divide articles into sections with the concept of tabs, for example, you can apply this feature to alternative languages of the article you write. This feature is very useful for News or Online Magazine websites to divide their content into parts.

    # Split Post

    Just like tabs post this feature also divides the article into sections, the difference is to read the continuation of the article the user must go to the second page and so on from the post. This concept is widely used by WordPress-based blogs, for example, the Grandstand web also uses features like this. The only drawback of this feature is that there is no 'All-page' button to read the entire article without being cut.

    # Ad Slots

    • We have also provided slots for ready-made ad placement, all you need to do is add the ad unit code to the place that has been provided. The advertising slots that we have provided include: 
    •  Sticky ad in the sidebar 
    • In-feed ad on the blog page (2 ads) 
    • Anchor ad that will appear at the bottom of the blog when accessed via mobile 
    • Top and Bottom article 
    • In-article or middle-article ad (2 ads) 
    • Matched content ad (related ad) 

    # Dark Mode 

    In the current blog design trends such as dark mode features become a must on every blog, we also add this feature to the template and not only that the colour of dark mode can also be changed through blogger theme designer.

    # Load More Button

    The load more button acts as a substitute for the blogger's standard blog navigation button, its function being to load more articles without opening another page.

    In Article Features

    # Reading Time Indicator serves to calculate the length of time to read an article based on the number of paragraphs, with this feature users can estimate how long it should be spent to finish reading the article. 

    # Article typography We added some features with an attractive look, all examples of their appearance can be seen here, Here is the full list:
    • Image with Caption 
    • Image with Grid Layout 
    • Image with Scroll Layout 
    • Manual Related Post 
    • Post Break 
    • Paragraph with Text Indent 
    • Paragraph with Drop cap 
    • Blockquote Table 
    • Manual Table of Content
    • Semi Automatic Table of Content 
    • Syntax Highlighter 
    • Show Hide Button 
    • Accordion Menu 
    • Note Block 
    • External Link Button Link 
    • Download Link 
    • Lazy YouTube 
    • Post Reference 

    Template Information

    No Feature Availability
    1 Best Responsive Yes
    2 Google Tool Validator Yes
    3 Best SEO Friendly Yes
    4 Best Mobile Friendly Yes
    5 404 Page Yes
    6 New Featured Post Yes
    7 Shortcode Yes
    8 Auto Read More With Thumbnail Yes
    9 Ads Ready Yes
    10 Responsive Footer Yes
    11 Social Follow Button Yes
    12 Multi Drop Down Yes
    13 Best Search Widget Yes
    14 Related Posts With Thumbnail Yes
    15 Social Share Button Yes
    16 Email News Letter Widget Yes
    17 Recent Post Widget Yes
    18 Detailed Documentation Yes

    Demo and Download

    We recommend you buy from the original creator if you have enough money to pay and can afford it to help the developer create more awesome templates like this.

    Demo Download


    In this post, I have tried to explain all the advanced and pro features of the Fletro Pro v6.3 Blogger Template and give you a premium template for free.  I hope you have Liked this post and please do share it with your friends and follow up on our blog for more.