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To expand blog commitment just as get more visits and remarks. Today I compose this page fully intent on putting joins with different bloggers! 

What are the Benefits of Being a Partner? 

  1. Significantly increment the number of guests, assisting your page with being known by more individuals and having a higher situation on Google search. 
  2. Linking together so everybody can without much of a stretch discover, trade and learn more valuable data, archives and tips. 
  3. The administrators of the websites can get in touch with one another, and help each other during the time spent publishing content to a blog just as planning the format for the blog.  Furthermore, a lot more advantages... 

Which Websites Won't Be Approved?

Which Websites won't be Approved

    This is additionally a type of collaboration, so I won't put connects to web journals with awful substance, explicitly as follows: 

  • Blog with Free Domain (. Tk ,. gq ,. Ml ,. Cf ,. Station , and.
  • There are traditionalist substances, identified with governmental issues, religion, illegal intimidation, ... 
  • Contains content that criticizes, maligns or contorts the world's fine traditions and customs. 
  • The article isn't true, duplicate or take others' blog information to transfer to your blog. 
  • Counterfeit news sites, newspapers, cutting, spreading embarrassment, twisting reality, defaming others. 
  • Sites that have been deserted or idle (posts, remarks) for quite a while. 
  • The page has a befuddling interface, hazy design, unintelligible coordination or an excessive number of gadgets/gadgets that make the route troublesome, hard to get to article content or such a large number of promotions on the site. Page. 
  • The blog has been set up for quite a while yet has too low client collaboration (many posts yet a couple of remarks/remarks, or few posts, site hits, ...) 

Necessities when Placing Links - Cooperation


To put a connection to this blog, you should put this blog interface on your website first before returning here and reaching with the structure underneath. 

  • Just put joins with online journals with worldwide area names ( .com, .net, .data, .in,,...). 
  • Should have the right connection (, title (Tech4era) and portrayal (Tech4era).
  • I will routinely visit the websites that have connected to me, if I discover that you have eliminated my connection from your webpage, I will likewise eliminate your connection from my webpage. Simultaneously, if I track down that the blog gives indications of abusing the above conditions, I will likewise eliminate the connection without notice! 

Connection Code 

<a href="" ref="dofollow" target="_blank" title="Tech4era">Tech4era</a>

You utilize the code underneath to embed it into the connection outline on your blog page 

Double-click to copy the Code

How to set a connection with this blog?

It's actually straightforward, you simply need to put the connection of this blog ( on your page first and afterwards return here to remark beneath with the accompanying substance: 

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