Ads.txt Generator

Generate Ads.txt for your Website using our Free Tools

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Robots.txt Generator

By using our Tool you can Generate Custom Robots.txt for your Blogger website.

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HTML Parse Tool

Parse All HTML codes to be used in code box and other places using our FREE tool

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CSS Minify

Minify your CSS codes to remove unwanted whitespace and improve Blog loading Speed.

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G Drive Direct Link Generator

Use this tool to Generate a Direct File download link of Google Drive Links.

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Welcome to our comprehensive collection of FREE Blogging and SEO tools designed to take your website to new heights.

  1. Minify CSS: Say goodbye to sluggish load times and hello to lightning-fast websites! Our Minify CSS tool will streamline and compress your CSS code, reducing file size and improving overall website performance. By optimizing your CSS, you'll ensure a seamless user experience and gain a competitive edge in the online world.
  2. Robots.txt Generator for Blogger: Take control of search engine crawlers and enhance your website's SEO with our Robots.txt generator specifically tailored for Blogger. Easily generate a robots.txt file that instructs search engines which pages to crawl and which ones to exclude. Optimize your site's indexing process and ensure that your valuable content gets the attention it deserves.
  3. Google Drive Direct Download Link Generator: Simplify the process of sharing files with your audience by generating direct download links for files stored on Google Drive. Our user-friendly tool will create easy-to-share links, allowing your visitors to download files without unnecessary redirects or complicated instructions. Enhance user experience and keep your content accessible and organized.
  4. Ads.txt Generator for Blogger:Boost your Blogger site's transparency with our Free Ads.txt Generator. Easily create and manage ads.txt files for optimal ad revenue. Try it now!
  5. HTML Parse Tool: With this tool, you can Parse your HTML, CSS And Javascript codes to use in places like code box in Blogger website.

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